LA BIBI is glad to present EMERGENCE by Michael Staniak, an exhibition that delves into the delicate balance between the physical and the virtual, suggesting that every artistic creation within our reality is, in essence, a manifestation of digital expression.

Michael Staniak is a visionary artist whose work transcends conventional boundaries. Embracing a neutral stance towards technology, Staniak’s textured paintings reflect a dialogue with the impact of digital media on traditional artistic practices. His art, reminiscent of cosmic topographies viewed through satellite imaging, invites viewers into uncharted environments.

The exhibition navigates the paths of the simulation theory, proposing that our perceived reality might be a simulated or artificial construct. Staniak’s paintings, this time, hang by wires from the ceiling, revealing the unseen mechanics that hold them together. This suspension serves as a metaphor for the interconnected network of the digital realm, unveiling the mechanics beneath the surface—cables, satellites, and hardware. His artworks become windows to a digital world, where the flat surface of screens and the casual nature of social media interactions find representation.

The exhibition is the culmination of his time at LA BIBI residence in Mallorca, where each piece carries the unique energy and inspiration of this singular environment. Playing with the immersive potential of his art and integrating sounds of his own creation, he sampled nature ambience from around the island, transforming these organic sounds into intelligible music, and adding an auditory layer to his visual narrative.

EMERGENCE by Michael Staniak at LA BIBI is a testament to his ability to merge tangible and intangible elements, digital and physical, inviting viewers into an experience that goes beyond the surface. Delving into Staniak’s world, we immerse ourselves in a reflection on the duality of our own existence.


Carrer del Molí del Comte 47A, Palma de Mallorca


15/12/2023 – 17/02/2024

Gallery Hours

Tues–Sat: 11am-3pm


Michael Staniak


Marc Bibiloni


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