We are living in the best of times, we are starting to build paradise

LA BIBI GALLERY begins its first ephemeral exhibition in Europe in the Palacio de Santoña and the Espacio Sin Título in Madrid with a double exhibition by the German painter of Ukranian origin Aljoscha.

We are living in the best of times, we are starting to build paradise
Palacio de Santoña (Calle Príncipe, 28) Ver en Maps
6-12 September

Can I feed the monkeys in Gibraltar?
Espacio Sin Título (Calle Alameda, 3) Ver en Maps
6-30 September

In this exhibition curated by journalist and critic Javier Díaz-Guardiola, the baroque rooms of the Palacio de Santoña will enter into dialogue with the artist’s paintings and installations. For him, art, which is influenced by animism and bioism, does not have the task of copying nature, but is the perfect tool to create it.

The exhibition entitled “We are living in the best of times. We are starting to build paradise” (from 7 to 12 September) introduces the artist’s works into the rooms of the palace, where one can literally breathe in the opulence and wealth of the 19th century. In the palace, the works of art populate the corners as if they were a living organism seeking its place among the reminiscences of a glorious past.

Aljosha himself explains: “I understand this conception of art as a revelation that I have come to over the years. A parallel can be found in music, where there are authors who are born to be performers and others, very few, who are able to compose. This division also exists in art. And we have creators who “interpret” many common concepts, e.g. ideas about politics, society, identity, nature…. And artists who have been striving to create new realities for a century. I belong to the latter group”.

The offer is completed with the solo exhibition “Can I feed the monkeys of Gibraltar?” in the Espacio Sin Título until the end of September. There, the author emphasises the ethical dimension of a work in which the pieces, which sometimes have an installative character, grow through the accumulation of paint until they achieve a three-dimensional appearance. A procedure similar to that of many microorganisms or the cells that make up our tissues.

We are looking  forward to welcome you!