Manuel García Fernández (Oviedo, September, 1994) is graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca in 2017, and currently he lives in Oviedo. His works are autobiographical, for him is a kind of diary, focused above all on the idea of inhabiting and approaching to the world from artistic activity starting from the game idea, understanding this as something serious, generating images and spaces to relate with the context; uniting aspects that apparently they are far from the logical. He constructs a space with the fragmented aesthetics of the virtual, where what is important can be in a bond with other people, in a color, in an object or in a print; constantly falling into contradictory situations where the festive can go hand in hand with the anguish and with laughter.

Manu Garcia’s paintings reflect an eclectic mix of influences and inspirations from surrealism and abstraction to street art and pop culture. His art is characterized by dynamic compositions, bold use of colours, and a fusion of various techniques, ranging from brushwork, and stencil work to spray paint. Garcia creates multi-layered works that explore the themes of identity, memory, and place. Working with a range of materials and mediums, he experimented with new techniques and pushed the boundaries of traditional painting.

Overall, Garcia’s paintings are visually stunning and capture the energy and vibrancy of contemporary urban culture. His work is thought-provoking and engaging, offering a unique perspective on the world around us.


• 2023 The Cabin & The Bunker. Los Angeles, USA.
• 2022 GalerieWolfsen. Aalborg, Denmark.
• 2021 “Prefiero el Sol Salvo de Noche”, Sala Borrón. Oviedo, Spain.


• 2023 “My kid could do it”. LA BIBI Gallery. Mallorca.
• 2023 ”Opening of HAGD Contemporary”. HAGD Contemporary. Aalborg.
• 2022 “Watch Me Burn”. Ruttkowski68. Paris.
• 2022 “End of Eden”.Galerie Wolfsen. Aalborg.
• 2021 “When sinners feast” Galerie Wolfsen. Aalborg, Denmark.
• 2021, “North: the booth”. Galerie Wolfsen. Blokhus, Denmark.
• 2020 “Una línea invisible” Estudiopablodelillo. Oviedo,Spain.
• 2020 “Corps Primaires” C.O.AGallery. Montreal, Canada.
• 2020 “Persona” Estudiopablodelillo. Oviedo, Spain.
• 2020 ”RicaPulpa” Estudiopablodelillo. Oviedo, Spain.


• 2023 La Brea Studio Artist Residency. (Los Angeles)


• 2023 Soloshow. “JUEGO”. Beerslondon. (London).
• 2023 Soloshow, HAGD Contemporary. (Aalborg).